We export a large variety of products from China all through the world
1. Food Additives:
Ammonium bicarbonate
Dried beer yeast
Sodium acetate(anhydrous,trihydrate)
Sodium benzoate(powder and granular)
Sodium diacetate
Sodium nitrite
Potassium aluminium sulfate
2. Health-care products:
Barley green powder
Mulberry leaves powder
Ginkgo Biloba extract
Fish oil
Rice bran oil
Rice bran wax
3.Rubber parts:
We can process for you following rubber parts as per your specification and samples:
Rubber belt
Rubber sheet and gasket
Rubber roller
Rubber bellows
Other rubber parts of free design
4. Motorcycle Parts:
engine system parts
Control system parts
Electric parts and instruments
Drive system parts
5. Other raw materials
Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE)
Empty Gelatin Capsule
White bees wax
Insect Wax